TEDx Youth@DC

TEDx Youth@DC -

Your dream…

We want people to take pictures of themselves completing the sentence:

“A dream of mine that I commit to making real is…” 

People are to take picture of themselves holding the sheet with their dream of theirs.

Send photo to jasmine.chau@dc.edu.hk

Details and example on “Dream big … then do it!” 


Blank sheet of “Dream big … then do it!” form


Details on TEDx Youth@DC 2012

The theme for our TEDx Youth is  ’Dream Big…then do it’.
The aim for our event is to change our students’ perspectives, to prompt them to make a difference, and to increase their understanding of global issues. We hope you can work with us to achieve this. 

TEDx aims to have speakers that can present subjects in a new way, sharing ideas rather than giving traditional speeches- possible topics could be environmental issues, exploration, community and service, research, or anything else you find interesting and inspiring. 

Our event will be held on Monday November 19, between 3-6pm, at Discovery College.  A more detailed itinerary will be created as the event draws nearer.

Poster Competition

TEDxYouth@DiscoveryCollege Poster Comp

  peter.muir@dc.edu.hk        October 10, 2012

Students of DC – So, you think you have the skill to create an eye catching poster? Showcase your skills in the TEDxYouth@DC poster contest!  Deadline Thursday 18th 2012.

This year, the TEDx committee are organizing a poster contest – the winning poster will be used in promoting the event! The poster can be hand drawn or created digitally, but all submissions must be submitted as a jpg file.

The submitted poster must meet the following specifications:

- The TEDxYouth logo must be visible on the poster

- The poster must surround the theme of “Ideas worth spreading”

- The date, time, and location must be seen on the poster – Friday November 16, 3.45pm. Discovery College Theatre

- PRIZE is a $50 voucher to the Cafeteria

- If you choose to draw the poster by hand, please be aware that when submitted the content of the poster needs to be clear and visible or your submission will not be eligible to win the prize

If you have any questions about the contest, please email jasmine.wong@dc.edu.hk